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Tim MacDonald

Tim MacDonald

Philosopher, lawyer, financier

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Bank of Nature

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Tim MacDonald is a philosopher, lawyer and financier with specialized expertise in US partnership tax and transactions, especially for Affordable Housing and Renewable Energy. Tim is currently working to articulate and popularize a new theory and philosophy of Finance as a social system of social structures for social decision making through which humanity chooses what our future history can, should and will be made to be through investment in enterprise for putting new learning into action evolving prosperous adaptations to life’s constant changes. This is a system that as a whole functions to aggregate surpluses saved by individuals and deploy them as investment in enterprise, and in its parts and subparts, aggregates surpluses for its own unique Purpose, has its own unique Powers for deploying aggregations as investment in enterprise, and is guided by its own unique Moral Code when choosing which enterprises to invest in. Tim’s theory and philosophy teaches that this system of wholes, parts and subparts has fallen into dysfunction; and that we must evolve new learning about ourselves and our prosperity in order to restore this system to its correct functioning.

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